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I hope you're all enjoying the long weekend and why I'm writing this post.

For anyone who saw the crisis post on our social media network last night, it shows how important Operation Code Red is needed and how successful it is in a life-saving situation.

Luckily, Kate came across Operation Code Red when we launched our emergency cards, and only after receiving her card on Thursday did she know exactly where to go and, in doing so, saved a Veterans life, thankyou Kate.

It's very rare that you will see any posts from us bragging about what we have done when it comes to helping veterans, but I can't stress enough about spreading the word about the vetnet and code red.

So please take the time to watch the YouTube video and share it with every veteran and family member.

With more and more Veteran support networks closing down or active such as All Call Signs, Forgotten Veterans and today's announcement whisky wish closing its doors, Please Please rethink where you are signposting a veteran to when asked, as you might be helping them in the ways you don't want to see in tomorrow's headlines.

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