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SHOUT OUT !!!!!!!! Good evening all we have offered this to 4 groups and organisations that we know of that have county groups set up on Facebook but sadly so far no feedback from them. we have offered them a free platform away from FB with no restrictions on posts, a free social media group that they can admin and run themselves and a chance to help build up a true veterans community away from Facebook and all its restrictions and jail sentence's. So if you are an Admin of a breakfast club, a veterans hub or an organisation? Or One of our members that would be willing to act as a point of contact? Then we have 177 groups ready to set up and need an admin to help run them, basically one for each county within the UK to act as a first response. This is not for Facebook but for an Armed forces and veteran network run by Veterans for Veterans. If this is something you would like to volunteer for and to help us build the only Network like this within the UK then please leave a comment on the relevant page on the VETNET and not on here. the link is posted below. Basically we need a point of contact in every county of the UK that we or any veteran needing help can contact or post within that group, so if you live in any of the counties listed and you can help then let us know. thanks for reading. If you use the Free App that's on the homepage it makes life a lot easier for groups

Martin Slee
Craig Waters
Oct 02, 2020

I've added the group links now to the VETNET so that when you go on the directory and to either Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire or Buckinghamshire there is a button with " first responce group" this will then take you directly to the relevant group. We are still looking for members to act as a first responder for all the other 174 groups that need setting up

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