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Hi all

Hopefully there some police/Emergency services and search and rescue in here that see this as there are a lot of ex Service veterans among your Ranks.

We have recently launched Operation Code Red the aim of the operation is to set up Crisis Teams and Buddy Buddy's in every County of the UK, using the already numerous support networks and followers that already exist.

This is for the whole of the veteran community and emergency services to network together.

With the recent addition of the "Veterans Beacon Alert" after they watched one of the Code Red Videos, they will now be launching Beacons to the VETNET.

With the help of local police forces and front line services plus the other Organisations that read this and would like to take part, please take the time to watch this and see how you can get involved.



Please take the time to watch this video about Code Red and how your organisation can get involved.

Thankyou and stay safe


Ray Howard
Edward Dean
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