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Trackmania Nations Forever Hack Pc

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in the video we see hefest consistently tap racing every 120 ms (blue), while rolling at about 6 ms. this behavior is far better than that showcased by riolu on the track (orange). while we cannot say for sure why he is racing with a 6 ms roll, our other players failed to replicate this behavior with a controller for various settings.

one of the reasons for the different behavior between the replays driven by riolu and hefest is that riolu is driving from the front of the car while hefest is driving with the steering wheel. there are 3 main techniques for steering in trackmania that help players achieve the precision of roll in, which is done by varying the amount of force applied to the inputs. in stm, the force applied is dependent on the number of pressed buttons. for example, in tmu, the "direction" of the vehicle is controlled by pushing "up" twice in order to roll the vehicle to the left, and pushing "up" twice in order to roll the vehicle to the right. to achieve the precision of roll, the player must apply consistent force in a direction. as there are other factors involved, such as the position of the vehicle on the track, the position of the button presses on the d-pad, the sensitivity of the inputs and more, we will have to analyze each player's technique for a better understanding of the phenomenon.

another possible explanation is that the level of use of the inputs varies slightly between different controllers. we are unaware of any data that verifies this claim, however the suspicion is raised as it seems rather dubious that someone would be able to achieve such precision with each controller at higher game speeds. it is also interesting to note that many of the replays that riolu did were done with the highest sensitivity settings. 3d9ccd7d82


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