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Hi Everyone, my names Terry Meekings and I am ex Army Catering Corps / Royal Logistics Corps. Served with lots of great units including RE, RAMC, KORB, 15/19 Kings Royal Hussars, ! RRF and did two postings back at our ACC depot as an Instructor. 12 Years altogether. So I hope to have some fun banter on here.

But I need some help if possible please, I have terminal cancer and they say I have only 2 years left as I had Renal cancer, it spread to my Aorta and although they took the first cancer away along with my left kidney it spread to my Aorta and is inoperable. Last week I found it has spread as bone cancer to my T12 vertebrae and is not looking good.

I have heard there is a place where ex military can book holidays for them and their family through as I cannot seem to find anything. Do any of you know where to point me to get some info for this please?

Cheers everyone Take care and stay safe.

Terry M

Tracey Martin
Sandra Peters
Sandra Peters
Mar 07, 2023

Also there is a holiday place on the isle of wight( not sure how far you can travel and insurance etc)



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