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New group supporting anyone going through difficult times

Claire Johnson
Wendy Powell-Jones
Wendy Powell-Jones
Oct 02, 2020

Stressed, anxious, Low mood, depressed, unhelpful thinking Sound familiar? 1 in 4 people living in the Uk suffer from mental health issues. This doesn’t even include the ones that are suffering alone or in silence. For those of you who are already following Families 4 veterans on face book may be familiar with the WIX APP, it’s free and anyone can join. This is the link to the self-help group for mental health You will find handouts; video’s and web links to help you help yourself, (free) Who is this for? Individuals who want to support themselves who find it hard to ask for help Individuals who would like to try some basic cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques. Individuals by having an early understanding of how you feel or behave will give you the opportunity to change some of those feelings or thoughts before they become more intense Family and friends supporting someone going through difficult times, you can download the free materials to support the ones you care about. Family and friends by reading through some of the materials it may help you to have better understanding or awareness what the other person maybe going through. If you would like to share anything that might help others then please do, it can be personal experiences or information that you found useful. Let’s create a group that’s full of useful techniques, encouragement and support. Take care, stay safe Wendy



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