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Hi everyone,

I'm an ex medic and was on the swoop and scoop in Afghanistan 2010/12.

Unfortunately, when I came back to my 'normal' life and tried to settle, I found that I felt I just couldn't fit in. I left my job (paramedic) and started to spend more time with my horses and dogs. Due to a unfortunate accident, I had a horse fall on me and I broke my back. Due to the severity of the injury, I had to sign my 2 Alaskan Malamutes away to a friend who had a pack of Mals, so knew what my 2 needed. I also had to sign my horses over as well.

My life has become very small, (you really find out who your friends are!), and quite isolated. I would love to have another dog for companionship and perhaps a service dog. I'm hoping, by reaching out here, that someone can help me with acquiring a dog, preferably a large dog but calm temperament.

As my mental health is deteriorating, I am hoping that someone can help me.

I have found it very hard to reach out to dog rescues and they have been less than helpful and one society even told me that I will never be given a dog.

Will someone please help me?

Sandra Peters
Sandra Peters
19. Apr. 2023

Wishing you bestest of wishes, there are various bits within the vet net. There's also a veterans bnb on the isle of weight.

Not sure which end of the uk you are but there are some veterans who have personal assistance dogs ,I guess you could look this avenue up on fb, I really felt for you letting you fur babies become part of a pack, I would be at a complete loss if I had to let my girls go . (WRAC )

Gefällt mir


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