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Ladies and Gents a reminder that on the 10th April good Friday we along with Mvm and others have organised a march of loyalty to show Hm The Queen our respect and love Who knows how many more times will we get the chance This is not a protest march Everyone is welcome civilians and all veterans wether you served in a conflict or not Last year we had 30k let’s beat that this year I understand that rolling thunder has agReed to join us now which is great So Army vehicles Are most welcome The parade Marshall is Rsm JT of the paras who led us last year and the parade will be led as last year By Lawrence Ashbridge and his boys the parachute regiment Bring your flags and banners along Btw Johnny Mercer said he can’t make it to the event as he’s to busy Please copy and share this to your own pages and as many military sites as you can Thank you


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