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Armed Forces Covenant - Effective in 2019?

‘The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly.’

There are numerous examples where veterans have been let down by the state; from malicious investigations of alleged and unsubstantiated war crimes to veterans rough sleeping on our streets. We can piss and moan about this, or we can address this as a community and come together to try to affect change.

There is a long list of businesses and other actors who have signed up to the covenant. As the covenant is not legally binding, there is nobody to hold them to task and ensure they are fulfilling their promises. It could, therefore, be merely a publicity stunt to raise a profile. What I propose here is for veterans to check whether or not their company is signed-up to the covenant. Find out if they have a ‘Covenant Champion’. Ask, ‘how do we fulfil our promise?’. These questions should be easy to answer; if the answers are not forthcoming, why not offer yourself up to be the ‘Covenant Champion’ of your business.

The Covenant has fallen out of fashion. We are no longer on a war footing. Repatriation ceremonies are, thankfully, few and far between. Veterans can often be forgotten about by Joe Public. It may be that businesses have simply forgotten that they have signed up. It is up to the armed forces community to remind the public that we are still here. We are not demanding special treatment. We just want a fair crack of the whip, as promised the covenant.

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Heres my own personal thoughts on this from my own experiences and observations. When I first arrived back in the UK in 2015, I went to my local council, 1 week beforehand I had just secured a job so while there I went to see what help and advice I could get as a veteran on a war pension. I was told I wasnt their problem and to speak with spain, i wasnt a problem till i turned up in the uk homeless. I raised my voice stating they had signed the forces covenant and i wanted to speak to someone, 2 security guards appeared behind me, nobody else turned up and she kept telling me to come back once I…


Sep 09, 2019

The covenant has never been in fashion, well from my experiences anyway. As for the armed forces champions, as much use as tits on a fish 😡😡😡.

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