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Ask yourself are we really doing enough?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023


I've just seen this post about the missing Veteran. And one of the reasons it saddens me each time I see a post like this.


We need your help locating #### ###### (case still ongoing please visit All Call Signs for further updates), who went missing from the Fleetwood area this morning and maybe driving a black Vauxhall Corsa. There are serious concerns for his welfare.

Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts should contact ####### police ref #### of today's date.


Me personally I don't follow All Call Signs for my own reasons but I see their original posts when ever they are shared on our main page. This post, if it came from the original source, will automatically give an update on the status, the one I've just shared above won't!!! This being the case you will often see this post getting shared by other veterans who may see it via the chinese whispers of our community and sharing again all over veteran social media groups, the majority of these on fb are now closed or private. This means you can't share from that group or person, so you end up having to copy and paste to your own time line and sharing again, that is how you end up seeing posts like this, sometimes up to a week after the update has been given. Now imagine you're one of the relatives, friends and family seeing this posted again? how upsetting do you think this is for them to keep having to post updates?

Now please take the time to read this and tell me I'm wrong in posting the above.


This is the way our system works and what the zoom meeting was about tonight.

If the original person/support network made an announcement on the following link, depending on what part of the world they lived in and where the support was needed, in this case its Fleetwood in Lancaster.

Once we recieve a notification that a comment has been left, this is then immediately published on the corresponding page and shared within our F4V network, (see you tube videos on this and other explanations) this can then also be shared on any social media platform such as twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, etc. This creates a central message/notice/board (call it part 1 orders if you like) that can be shared onto any veteran social media network, whether they are private or public giving instant updates.

Some of the advantages of this is are -

A. You don't have to join every veteran group (probably millions on fb alone) just so you can see every event and update, where to find your discount codes, where to find legal help, etc etc.

B. An up to date database of all local help within that area.

C. The whole website is fully interactive, which means you can interact with it, just like any other social media platform.

D. This also includes a free App that includes, groups and messenger.

At the same time the same post and message will get sent to the relevant county group (on the free app). These groups were set up for any veteran, support network etc to join if they lived in that county.( Over time with the county groups filling up with more veterans and various already existing veteran networks we should start to see some of the gaps within our community closing down and the network of support and communication grow. Just like any other social media platform you have the option of joining other groups and not restricted to just your own county group, if you dont like any of the existing why not start your own group up where you are the admin and can set up how you like it, such as selecting admin, inviting friends and setting your own restrictions.(there are no restrictions set up on any groups you run yourselves) Use it as a back up group if you wish to stay on your own current platform, just an offer in case your own group gets shut down by other sm platforms. But by setting up a backup group this now gives your members that are currently serving time and can't comment or post, a chance to still have contact with others, you never know, there might be a few veterans that are neighbours and didn't even know about each other. With a lot of Veterans being nomads we tend to travel or re locate to another location more than the civilian community. With a semi to fully working vetnet you would now have a yellow pages of who, what and where to go in any county within the veteran community so long as there is a veteran or support network that lives there or can physically cover that area (as awareness grows and the groups fill up so does the source of reliable help available). What's the point in driving from Cornwall to Glasgow when there are closer support networks that can give support quicker. My strong belief and frustration is that its a very strong lack of communication due to groups / Veterans not liking or refusing to work with another group for what ever reason, even though you are both doing the same thing!!!! How many splinter groups or arguments have you seen about stealing names? Take persecutions of NI Veterans and how many groups started on this, how many are still active and do you know when the next event is with timings and location? Publicly slagging off other veterans? Thinking as one veteran charity that you can cover the whole of the UK and every issue? All you are doing by this is adding more confusion to those who need and are looking for the right help and these are the same veterans that you set out to help, have a think about that one. By the use of the #vetnet we have overcome that hurdle by making it public, if you need help just post it where all local help and support can see it and post updates such as they have picked up on it and reacting and where to offer support if needed. One of the biggest and most important feature in my belief is the Emergency and messenger hotlines. These phone numbers have already been broken down into those that offer a 24 hour emergency service and those that operate working office hours. Each one of these services can be reached automatically by pressing any of the buttons where it will dial the number for you automatically, most of the services listed also come with a messenger service for those not wishing to speak with anyone, these services can be accessed by pressing the logo above the number, where available. We have tried making this as easy as possible for you to find the help you need in the shortest possible time so that no one veteran suffers any more stress in the situation they are going through. If you have taken the time to read this whole post, then it shows to me that you care about our community and for that I would like to thankyou. Now let me ask you a question? should I just sit back and let you all carry on the way you are doing things with no end of posts about missing veterans and losses, fully knowing there is a solution offered that works and as been proven to work by those already using it or am I the only one that can see this? Or shall I keep shouting the only way I know? Enjoy the long weekend and here if you need anything. Gaz

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