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Combined-service-charity-sheild Association

Updated: Dec 12, 2020


This is a prime example of why this is so important. Over this weekend alone we have seen one group who is a member of the association travel from Dorsit to Edinburgh to help a veteran in need then return back to Dorset with him and get him into a care facility that will help him with his PTSD. Another Group have also saved 2 veterans this weekend, not sure on the details of this but I hope one of the admins from that group can give you updates. This is just 2 examples of the amount of time some of the smaller charity organisations put in, when was the last time you heard from any of the Big Govt funded charitys? We each have our own special fields we work in, some are fantastic at getting boots on the ground, some are fantastic at talking and offering mental health advice, while others are simply networking groups or they're there purely to find Walter Mittys. This brings me on to the reason for this post as one of the above mentioned groups, Minds @ War spent most of the afternoon trying to find out if a veteran was a Walter Mitty or not, without much luck. If the other group were a member, a post could have been put up and taken over by that group, freeing up valuable time where He could have been spending it with his family after the amount of time he spends away from them, travelling up and down the UK. There are several Scottish veteran groups that have similar setups and who are also members of the association with quite a few between them. Now if all of these groups were to be in one network we could save time, resources, funds, help fund each other on larger projects by working as a team and adding donations and joint fund raising? Saving long road trips when a group in that area could have dealt with the crisis much quicker and if need be pass on the information to a more suitable group should they not have what's needed in place. It's time we started talking and working together as a team, we have this all set up and ready to go, it's time to make the change and start becoming a true Veteran and Tri Service Community

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Alan Christopher Creaser
Alan Christopher Creaser
2019년 7월 23일

God bless U,Mac;& the others who put in their time/efforts behind-the-scenes.... :) Apart from being Ultra-TIRED,my eyes are VERY sore in this hot weather;so I CANNOT help the lads,myself..... :( - Sorry.... :(

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