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F4V 24 hour challenge

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

F4V 24 hOUR CHALLENGE RULES AND REGULATIONS As we now have our CIC (11272115) in place we are hoping to raise £6000 to be split between 3 Veteran Charities and raise awareness of the help that is available to the Veteran community. You must spend between 1 and 24 hours off all social media unless you are sharing information from the website. 1. I xxxxxxxx accept the f4v 24 challenge, raising funds and awareness for the veteran community for xx hours (MUST BE BETWEEN 1-24 HOURS) the amount you donate depends how long you decide to stay on there. 1 hour = 1£. I nominate the following 2-4 people. 2. You can freely share on any social media platform, anything that you find interesting or might help the community from the website but using ONLY the social media links that are provided. The free App makes this a lot easier. 3. You must share the minimum of one link on to your timeline or any group/page for the challenge to be worth anything. 4. This can be done via live feed or via you tube, whichever you prefer. 5. The 3 charities will be voted on by our VIP paid members and the deciding vote by yourselves, the community. Closing date for this will be the 24th December 2019 and the vote opening for 48 hours before hand.

6. The link for donations is here. Once you have decided on how long then this is the amount you donate. With almost 6000 members on here I would think this would be quite easily achievable before xmas.

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