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F4V Crisis Call line

Coming soon 24hrs free phonline if your in a crisis and need of support, all our call handlers are fully trained for your calls and have experienced and still do experience mental health or addictions recovery, reach out don't leave it to late F4V are here for you and our support network of charities, we are here for you

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Hi,I was in the 13th/18th Hussars (QMO) in ''71 & the RCT from a bit later in '71 - late '73 & the RE's from approx '77 - '83,& I live alone in west Hull & I suffer Badly from CFS/ME/FMA (Brain Damage) + the after effects of a bad FALL on 21st Oct, & I certainly Feel 'Forgotten',cos I Can't get out of my home to 'mingle'/i.e. 'pull' a female/solve my Daily 'everyday' Problems,etc,etc,& am TOTALLY ignored BY EVERYONE!!...

IF U can get out of your home & get about,etc;,U've got a slim chance of getting What U want I.E. a 'social'/'love-life',eTC,ETC - But IF U Can't get out & 'mingle DUE TO BRAIN/LACK OF BODY ENERGY PROBLEMS;Then you…

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