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Open Invitation to the Veteran Community.


Please take the time to read this and watch the video.

In case you havnt been on our directory yet, I'll try and explain things on here.

For years now the Veteran community has been crying out for all groups to work together but with the 1000s of groups and organisations out there, this has proved time and time again it will never happen on Facebook.

Whether it's because you've worked so hard setting your groups up and dont want to give up anything, or because you dont like certain individuals and the biggest reason being the Power Struggle and Egos.

I take my hat off to those groups who have put differences aside and have started working together but unless you are a member of one of these you will never see one of their posts.

Even with the biggest group out there, yes you might have 20,000 plus members but how many of those members actually see an important announcement such as a missing Veteran before it disappears from the news feed?

You will be lucky if 10% actually see this and if they do it might be a couple of hours later.

Getting sick of tired of facebook showing you the posts they want you to see and not the other way round? Or having to continually keep sharing a post onto every group hoping the other admins will allow it and praying you dont end up behind bars.

My biggest problem I'm having at the minute is when I post to other groups it will come up as " you cant post right now please check your connection" even though I have a full wifi signal. Frustrated? Yea me too.

The way our website is setup is to actually become a veteran network, finding all the help and information you will need, this doesn't matter if you're still serving, a veteran, a wife or girlfriend or even a pads brat.

With your help and only with your help we can make this happen.

You can leave a comment on any of the pages that are on the links header, start off a conversation, ask for help, make a suggestion or start up your own group on the forum.

It's back to basics but when fully up and running this has the potential of having our own vetnet, call it a veterans facebook if you want but this will only happen if we all get involved, I know it's new (7 months) and may not be what you're used to but give it a chance and work together. To be honest I've been using twitter for god knows how many years and I still dont know how to use it, mainly because theres no one around to actually explain things to you.

I mention in the video about how you can reach the whole veteran community with one post and this is how it would work.

Should you need to get a post out about a missing veteran or a planned March? All you have to do is either make a comment in one of the forum posts that already exist or start off your own.

When you first go on the directory there is an invite to download the free Wix App, this makes things a lot easier. Once you've downloaded it any new posts or comments anywhere on the website you automatically receive a notification, this can be tailored to your own interests, that way you are not bombarded with notifications every 2 minutes.

If a problem or question has been dealt with either close the post down or write completed or similar so that one of our admins can delete any relevant comments, keeping the feed clean and easy to see what still needs fixing.

It will only ever require 1 single Admin from any Veteran group or organisation or a single member of those above mentioned for this to work and to join as a member, obviously the more of the community join the quicker this will happen.

If you see a notification that you think needs the attention of the whole community or just a few groups you're in then share by copying and pasting the comment or simpler yet just share the link and explain what it's about.

We are not asking you to give up any of your social media feeds whether its fb, twitter, instagram or LinkedIn in fact we would prefer for you to all keep doing what you're doing, all we are offering is a central location with everything under one roof, with no egos, no power trips just a simple solution to an ever growing problem within our communities.

Need to get an event shared with location and timings that everyone can see even if they are not a member of you're group? yep we can do that. (On this note Rolling Thunder and all the other events planned, I was speaking with a fellow veteran the other day if he was going to london on the 28th, he didn't have a clue what I was on about, which goes to show it doesn't matter how much you share or how many members you have you will never reach anyone that isnt in your direct network)

Need to set up a group with every PTSD counselor from every group so that no matter what time of day there will be a trained counsellor on hand, this could be used in conjunction with the map where you can see the nearest charity or group or even first responders who can get there within 30 minutes and asses the situation until proffesional help arrives.

We can open up your own group using your social media links and use this to post any updates or important information that doesn't get lost amongst all the daily posts.

Need an online shop or a post redirecting to your own online store for merchandise such a flags and stickers, yep we can set this up for you too.

So now I can hear you all thinking what's the catch?

There isnt one, the only thing that seems to be putting a lot of people off is the sign up option, well here it is in plain English, its FREE.

You can visit and see everything without having to pay or sign up. We have left certain areas closed and are only open to paid members.

The only difference between a paying member and a non paying member is £5.

100% of paid membership (minus charges that we have no control over) and donations go directly to our veterans shield fund. We then use this money to donate or help back up a veteran charity or veteran in distress. Once we have reached a figure of £100 we donate to a cause voted on by those paid members or via a poll if we do not get any answers back within a reasonable amount of time, as you would have seen by the donation of £124 we recently donated to Minds@War to help them go that extra mile.

With so many charities out there it's difficult to decide on who to donate to these days which is why we only donate to those that are working with us as a community and have been proven by comments left by yourselves on the relevant pages.

We are 100% transparent and how would you like to know that £5 actually went to help a veteran and not on someones wages, one of the features we would like to start up is a feature of the month. Highlighting the organisation that you have helped each month with only £5 and seen what it's been spent on.

If you cant find something or having difficulty navigating around the site then please leave a comment or PM us. The same goes if you are in a group and dont see it but think it should be there, again let us know.

We can only do such much and without your input and support things will never change.

So let's Make the Change and TWAS.

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