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Operation Code Red

Operation Code Red

What is a Code Red?

“Indicates emergency situation or threat of a dangerous situation that has deteriorated drastically so as to constitute an emergency.”

The Aim of Operation Code Red is to establish a Code Red team within every county of the UK.

As you can imagine this is a massive task and is only possible by utilizing all the existing support networks under one roof, with a central location and easy accessibility for those that are looking.

The way our Crisis line is currently operated and something Operation Code Red is based on is the way the teams operate.

The teams are broken down into 3 tiers,


Phone operators


Using the already established Vetnet and the correct page, regions into counties, any veteran can immediately see where his local support is and how to access them by the click of a button.

At the top of every page on the Vetnet is a “Code Red” button, when this is pushed it will automatically dial the crisis line for the Organisation that it covering that area.

There are 1000s of Veterans willing to give support when needed in either the role of crisis operator or just as a buddy when needed but often don’t know how or with who due to the ever changing support out there.

The way this works is within the Vetnet there are social media groups available for every county, these can be accessed by either direct use via the website or by gaining access via our free App.

Any Veterans living in any one of these areas can join, along with any support networks, you now have an army of veterans all networking under one roof, any messages of support needed can either then be sent further up the chain to each region and further if needed and also shared onto any other social media platform.

This can only be achieved by putting egos aside and by working under one roof with one central message board.

The quicker any veteran can get help and support is what it is all about and we have shown on numerous occasions that by using the Vetnet and our recently launched Veterans Emergency cards, Help can be accessed in under 10 minutes.

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