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Remembrance day Thoughts.

If you are a member of various veteran groups you would no doubt of heard about protests on this day.

Me personally agree with the majority that no demos should be held on this day as its a day to remember our fallen.

On that note there is talk of just boycotting london as this is where the media will be, no flags, no badges, no berets in sight, it sends a strong silent message to the public that sooner or later their wont be any veterans left to parade the way we are being treated.

I will be paying my respect to all those I've known and have done their stag, in my own way and the same way I do every year. Each to their own but try and support your local parade and if theres any politicians there try talking with them after the parade and make them aware why you are here.

Like I said this is my own opinion and strongly believe a silent message sent and seen by the public will have a stronger message as the media have to cover it. One way or the other it's a win win to get the message out there. This is a very fine line to tread if you want to go down this road and respect all thoughts and others wishes. Most importantly is to remember them, no matter where or what day.

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