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The Veterans Shield Challenge

With the successful relaunch of Operation Code Red, we have made the decision to announce of first annual Veterans shield challenge.

The event can be entered by any veteran support network, which will be explained below.

The challenge itself will be held over 2 days, the first day will comprise of a 30 mile tab followed on the second day by a family fun day and part 2 of the challenge, finished off with an evening charity concert.

The Aim of this event is to raise awareness about veteran issues and raise much needed funds for our own organisations.

Each organization that takes part must raise a team of between 4 and no more than 10 members to compete on both days, how you organise your team is down to you.

You must nominate a veteran organisation who you are raising Funds for and a local charity in your own county. (All rules and regulations will be attached to the registration form).

As explained above the challenge is over 2 parts but the competition itself is to win the Veterans Shield, earn the right to hold on to the Shield for one year and have the bragging rights to defend it on your home ground by organising the following year's event in your home town.

Any members and followers can fund raise for you, which all counts towards the points awarded but only those named on the form who march, will have the timings recorded and so setting the record to beat for each year.

Should you wish to know more about the event, a full info package will be made available on request.

If there are any organisations that are local to Chorley or within the county of Lancashire who would be interested in a joint effort on this then get in touch.

Thanks Gaz

Date TBC

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Alan Moore
Alan Moore
12 de ago. de 2023

A very interesting challenge, Gaz

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