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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Hopefully some of you would have seen our latest shoutouts about wanting to hear your voices about what's working and what isn't within our Veterans Community, it doesn't matter which nation you swore your Oath too as at the end of the day we are all Veterans who served and are still suffering with the same issues.

The current system is Broken in most places and the majority of voices are not getting heard, hopefully with our weekly Veterans Voices sessions things will change if we all shout loud enough in the right places.

The more of your voices that are heard then maybe one day it will be the best place to live as a veteran which in my opinion it currently isn't, but that's my views, it's your voices that we need to hear from.

The quicker we find out what's good and working and what needs fixing the quicker maybe some of posts we keep seeing about missing veterans and Suicides will become a thing of the past.

To watch the latest meeting with Services Outreach Support ( and Veteran Cllr James Paul Watson ( please find the link below.

A few things were discussed and a few eye openers dropped, all in all a very good meeting saying how things really are in the Veterans Community.

The meeting ended with an offer from Irwin Mitchell's, which will be extremely usefull if you are going, or have been going through the Armed Forces compensation scheme, once I have all the details I'll share the link.

On a final note if there are any Veteran Podcasters reading this and would like to get involved then please get in touch with me, cheers.

Hopefully see some of you on there over the next coming weeks (

Thanks for reading and watching


Feel free to use this poster which when scanned takes you straight to our 24-hr-helpline-and-message-service where you can find various Veteran run crisis lines that all operate a 24 hour service, just push any of the buttons and it will automatically dial the number for you.

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