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Hi, I am x-Royal Navy Leading Chef, served from June 1973 to May 1987, rejoined in Jan 1988 and finished in Jan 1997 and finished off as pensioner reservist in Jan 2011 and now working as a Security Officer but did a months course on cpo in 1996 with task uk, more info to follow as in voluntary work for charities, I stoped working for VAUK

also worked for VAUK Charity and I am a Whitie! That likes jam makan music! Lol go and let it flow!

I also like Irish and Welsh music, I still have a gitar from 1999ish

Now a 66 year old pensioner and has memories of 1982 Falkland's war, where I lost over 20 friend's that I joined up with and a few close friend's and an army chef that I was in scout's with in Carmarthen and I was his leader, Amen


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Derek Davies

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