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I am jan a mother of a fallen hero of afghan he was KIA on may 7 th 2009

i suffer ptsd due to all the things I had to endure following our only child’s death

including all the horrific details that have scared my mind and heart forever more

I know what I suffer are dreams due to all we herd and were told of that day

but a huge part of me went with my child that day

nothing I suffer can ever come close to what most vets who have served

in our forces have endured

I just want everyone to know and understand the mental horrific scars we the parents endure

am happily married now 29 years we only had one child my husband works in the oil am just a plane housewife mother and now a adopted nana to my sons friends children such a joy such a god given way for me to share the live in my heart and soul

Janette Binnie

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