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Combined Service Charity Shield Association and the League of Heroes

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations ACT 2023 Of the League of heroes


All players must have served in any of the three Military services

1.Army, Navy, Air Force.

2. All players must provide a annual fit for role note from there doctor, in order to participate

3. If Injured whilst playing the League wont be obliged to pay for medical bills

4. All players and staff of each country must display a good level of sportsmanship

5. The League will not tolerate any racial or homophobic abuse towards anyone, if witnessed saying remarks of such a nature will get you expelled from the league indefinitely


6. All players from all Country's are to provide proof of service


7. Every team will mark a minutes silence before kick off of every match, as a mark of respect to our fallen brothers and sisters


8. You are to play with passion, pride and determination


9. All managers are responsible for there own staff and players


10. Everyone is to have a good time and enjoy playing

The Tournament
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