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The First Response Alert


The importance of the Beacon Alert and the only way we can all make it work for all our Brothers and Sisters in Arms is explained below.

Currently the way the system works is as follows –

There are certain social media groups who do nothing but try and help veterans in need and once a beacon alert goes out for a missing veteran or a cry for help they share within their own Network group feed.

So, a few members might share this on a few groups they are members of and on their own personal news feed. Eventually other members would start to see the feed and also share, how long do you think this whole process takes, minutes, hours, days?

This is why it is so important to like certain pages, it has nothing to do with ego and seeing who has the most likes, if you don't like a page or if you're not a member of that group then you will never see any posts from them.

All Call Signs have a way of solving part of this problem but again if you have not signed up to their messenger service then you wont know about any missing veterans.

A quick example, someone from an infantry group posts that one of their own has gone missing so they post on their own group then share it. So what happens if you are not a member of any of these groups because you're ex RCT, RAF or Navy and you’ve never heard of any of the other groups. I have personally seen posts that are 5 - 6 days’ old getting shared. This is more and more the case with more and more groups starting up trying to help veterans where the powers in charge have failed us, not just politicians but some of the bigger well known charities also.  

There was until now no central location due to nothing being available, yes there are plenty of big sites that list help lines and offer counselling but when you are desperate you need to see what you need at a glance.

Now, if the same person posted not only in their own group but shared it with us on the relevant page of the VETNET, within minutes a Beacon Alert would be seen by every single member whether they are a member of that group or not and can be shared within their own social media circles.

With the help of our interactive membership map, we can help send members and organisations to the “cry for help” until more professional help can be organised.

Whats the point in sharing a post in the south west when the direct action that is needed is in Scotland?

All Call Signs have the perfect setup specifically aimed at Missing Veterans and is a geolocation platform for organising ground teams when a vulnerable veteran or service member goes missing . When a Beacon is launched they will find everyone in a radius of the active site who can assist in a search effort, know where to be and what to do. This can include letting all members know where to search, setting up a point of contact and ensuring that all search and rescue information is being dispersed.

Now imagine them making more use of this platform and how many local organisations could get involved simply because they have seen the post.

In time we are hoping that similar like-minded groups can add to this, which will only make it easier and quicker for all those needing help. Please read our CSCSA page for more information on this.

There are an estimated 4.8 million veterans registered in the UK alone, this does not include their wives and partners or their children who are always on social media, realistically you would be looking at a community of around 10-15 million, enough to have volunteer first response teams up and down the country within 5 miles of any veteran in need of help, again this will only work with all your support.

We have created a platform where every single veteran run social media group, page, charity and organisation now has the capability to join forces and work as a team but without the support we are just another small group of veterans trying to help on our own, basically as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike springs to mind.

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