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Welcome to VETNET: Connecting Veterans, Bridging Communities


In the digital landscape of our Directory, amidst menus and search bars, there lies a button that signifies hope, unity, and progress – "THE VETNET."


VETNET is not just a button; it's a beacon for our community, meticulously divided into the heartbeats of the UK: Regions, counties, and towns if needed, ready to serve as a sanctuary for those who've served and their Families.

A Communal Notice Board for All.


The inception of VETNET was a call to arms, an invitation to every Organization, charity, CIC, Facebook Group, and social media enthusiast who wishes to share vital information with the Armed Forces and Veteran community. It's more than a notice board; it's the thread that binds us together.

Breaking Down Barriers

While many Veterans find solace in Facebook's simplicity for connecting with old friends and joining groups, a critical issue remains: the fragmented information landscape. Urgent matters are often lost in the digital cacophony, leading to damaging delays.


A Beacon of Clarity

On May 22nd, 2022, navigating through the maze of Facebook, one post caught our attention – a plea for Veteran support in NW London. What followed was a frantic dance between groups, navigating the perilous waters of spam restrictions. Hours passed in relentless communication, bouncing back and forth with other groups, gathering feedback, and finally returning to the original post author. To those who endure such chaos, we salute you. VETNET could have been the beacon of clarity, a common noticeboard for all Veterans and supporters, reaching the entire UK with one post.


Join the Cause

Our mission is clear. We must reach out to every hub, every member, and inform them about VETNET's potential. By doing so, we become the vigilant watchmen of the Veteran community, ready to address any concern, enhance our well-being, and resolve ongoing challenges.


Unlocking Potential

Imagine the synergy of VETNET in conjunction with Beacon alerts or PTSD support organizations when needing extra support.

Picture it collaborating with groups fighting to end the persecution of NI Vets, seamlessly organizing locations and timings. It's the grand orchestra of unified efforts, a symphony of instant data dissemination for collective planning, and decisive action.


VETNET: Where We Unite, Thrive, and Transform

VETNET is more than a concept; it's a lifeline, a catalyst for change, and the roadmap to a brighter future for those who've selflessly served. Join us on this transformative journey, where the community knows no bounds, and together, we thrive.

The Team

Gary MacMillan
Founder & CEO

I'm an ex RCT Veteran of 12 years and Founder of Who-Directory Pages and groups. which has now evolved over time into Families4Veterans-Directory CIC 11272115

I have been involved with various Veteran groups over the last 5 Years and they all had one fault, Communication between social media groups.

With the concept of the VETNET we are now in a position to solve this problem and a way of helping Veterans with everyone under one roof finally.

Craig Waters
Chief Operations Officer

I am ex Army, Always RCT. I have been working for Veteran causes for a long time now and am dedicated and driven to helping Veterans to get the services and help they fully deserve and need. I have been working alongside Gary MacMillan for the last year, building Families4Veterans

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