Families4Veterans-Directory is a one stop directory committed to helping Veterans to find reputable help and services online. You will have the ability to comment on your experiences after dealing with groups and pages from the site so that fellow Veterans can choose from the best. Everything Veteran related is on this site. Whether you are looking for personal regimental groups, need support or advice, or need urgent help. You will find all you need right here on Families4Veterans


Families 4 Veterans has been in the making since 2014. The Vision of Our founder and CEO Gary MacMillan. As a veteran himself, Gary has been passionate about making sure help gets to those that need it. F4V is all about exactly that. That all help, support and all things Veteran related are easily found in one place. if its not here, you dont need it. We are always striving to make our site better. We have a very dedicated team working daily to continually ensure that all you need is here for you to find. In the event that you notice something missing that should be here, then please contact us and let us know.

This is your website, and its sole purpose is to provide you with all that you need to get the help and support you need. Help us make it better. Please contact us with your ideas on how we can improve things for you.


The Team

Gary MacMillan
Founder & CEO

Im ex RCT 12 years and founder of Who Directory Pages and groups. Also Founder of Families 4 Veterans Directory.

I have been involved with various Veteran groups over the last 5 Years and they all had one fault, Communication.

With this concept we now have a way of helping Veterans with everyone under one roof finally.

Craig Waters
Chief Operations Officer

I am ex Army, Always RCT. I have been working for Veteran causes for a long time now and am dedicated and driven to helping Veterans to get the services and help they fully deserve and need. I have been working alongside Gary MacMillan for the last year, building Families4Veterans

Dan Stone
Director of Planning

I am a ex royal marine, once a marine always a marine. I have been working for Veteran causes since I once struggled returning to civilian life on a daily basis when I left my post and am dedicated and driven to helping other Veterans to get the services and help they fully deserve and need once and since they have left their post. Also having our military family under one roof is going to be the key for success. I have been working alongside Gary MacMillan and Craig waters , building Families4Veterans

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