The VETNET UK Concept


On our Directory you should have seen our menu and search bar, and here you will see a button “THE VETNET”. This is currently categorized within the UK into Regions, and counties, which If required could be further broken out into Towns. The idea behind the concept was to invite any Organisation, charity, cic, Facebook Group, or any other social media group wishing/needing to share important information with the Armed Forces and Veteran community to use this function as a communal notice board.

It would appear most Veterans use Facebook; simple to use for finding old friends and joining groups. However, unless the groups all share the same important information, anything that needs to bring people together to support an urgent issue is subjected to a possible damaging delay.

On the 22nd May, using Facebook, I noted a post from one of the 1000+ friends asking for veteran support in NW London. I put the post on our main Facebook page, but then had to share it with as many groups of which I was a member (all this without infringing the 30 day ban for sharing spam “as it is called”). The next few hours became hectic communicating to and fro with the groups I had contacted, who had posted the message, requiring more info as they had feedback from the members. I then had to refer back to the original author of the post, passing on the info. To those of you currently operating like that I applaud you.

VETNET could have avoided much of this confusion and stress, acting as the common noticeboard for all Veterans, and supporters. Using your network of hubs, that you work with and our platform we have the capability of reaching the whole of UK with one post.

We need to reach out to every hub and their members about VETNET. Informing them how it works. Hopefully we can then become the Veteran community alert to everything that concerns US and how we can contribute to OUR well-being, and resolve on-going problems affecting us. Imagine how we could use this in conjunction with All Call Signs Beacon alert or all the PTSD support organisations? Or by all the groups that are involved with stopping the persecutions of NI Vets, organizing locations and timings. Everybody concerned ALL in the same loop, instant dissemination of data enabling common planning and decision making.