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Our Aim

We are aiming to be able to support veterans world wide to access the services they are looking for, by way of a one stop website where they can access and easily find any group, service or help they need.

The Beacon Alert

We are endeavouring to create a link direct to our social media platforms. This will enable us  very quickly to share any alert of a Veteran in need with the help of our associated groups. It is essential for all to like our social media outlets to be able to get the alerts. Like away folks.

Long Term Goal

We will endeavour to network together all support and charity groups to make sure any help needed is sent to where its needed most.

With so much help out there for veterans,  it can be confusing, and even services available that go unused because the people for whom the service is intended is not known or unreachable.

with our Veterans Sheild Charity we hope to be in a position to be able to supply emergency funding to any Veteran in need within 24 Hours.

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