Combined Service Charity Shield Association

The Aim of this association is to provide a platform where all veteran charities have a central location where voices and concerns can be raised for any upcoming projects and we start working together for the good of Veterans and Families.

A regular meeting once a month to decide on which projects need helping the most and any upcoming fund raising events that need attention.

As most of you are aware there are very little, if at all immediate funds available to help in an emergency. If we all start working together this could be a thing of the past, where a go fund me page or similar can be set up within minutes and funds transferred from all of us.

A committee can be set up with trustees added from each CIC and charity to make sure everything is transparent to the public.

There are currently around 1400 veteran run charities within the UK at the minute, if not more. All doing great with 1000s in the bank others doing what they can, wherever they can, but as a combined association working together we have the chance to change and help the veteran community once and for all.

The long term goal of this association is to at least once a month be able to support one of us, by either combining funds to pay rent on their walk in centres that are struggling to keep their doors open, or buy much needed equipment.

Help veterans get back on their feet by paying their Rent or new white goods.

The reason we need to combine is that for one of the smaller charities to be able to purchase, new white goods and stock up freezers this could cost them say £1000, which will probably leave them short should another case like this crop up in their area the same month. With us all combined we could all probably chip in £50-100 making this a figure between £3500-7000.

Making a much bigger difference to a veteran and his family.

The other long term goal is to be able between us all, get 10 veterans off the streets every month and get them the necessary counselling they require.

While they are in counselling a place for them to be housed can be arranged and work secured, this can be arranged by getting Veteran run Businesses to join the association. This will not only help the Veterans but also help to promote the businesses that sign up.

I know with our combined contacts and funds we have the ability to make this happen. Start using some of the veteran run businesses that are listed in the directories, who can supply job offers helping veterans to help veterans.

Help in walk in centres, breakfast clubs anything to make them feel part of the community again and get a roof over their heads.

Make use of all veteran facility’s like the one Gary weaving and forgotten veterans have just built in Plymouth, how many other disbanded camps are there and surplus married quarters getting sold off.

If we all work together on this we can make the difference and also start exposing some of the bigger charities who are paying themselves big fat wages every month but you need to bend over backwards if you ever need to get anything out of them, once exposed maybe the funding will stop getting sent their way.

You all do a great job at what you all do but wouldn’t it be better to do an outstanding one together?

I hope that you take this offer seriously and extend your hand and join the association, we are not asking you to give up anything that you have worked for but rather work with us as a Team and help each other by raising awareness and making a difference on another level.

Too all those that agree we have set up a page on our website where there will be a direct link back to your homepage where all our members can see who is willing to make the change and take the next step forward.