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Combined Service Charity Shield Association

Mission Statement: Our association aims to create a unified platform where veteran charities, non-profit organizations, and social media support groups can come together. We seek to provide a centralized location for voicing concerns and collaborating on projects that benefit veterans.

Key Initiatives:

  1. Monthly Meetings: We hold regular monthly meetings to prioritize projects that require assistance and plan upcoming fundraising events.

  2. Emergency Support: Often, there are insufficient immediate funds available for emergencies. By working together, we can eliminate this issue. We envision setting up rapid response mechanisms, such as GoFundMe pages, to quickly gather funds when needed.

  3. Transparency: A committee, comprising trustees from various Charitable Incorporated Organizations (CIC) and charities, will ensure complete transparency in our actions, making everything visible to the public.

Our Collective Strength:

Currently, there are approximately 1800 veteran-run charities in the UK. Some have substantial resources, while others do their best with limited means. By uniting as an association, we have a unique opportunity to bring about lasting change and provide comprehensive support to the veteran community.

Inclusivity: Traditional organizations often require a minimum one-year existence for charity status, leaving support groups on social media platforms without a clear path. We welcome all, regardless of their organizational form, to join our association.

Long-Term Goals:

Our long-term objectives are simple yet impactful. We aim to support one another regularly by pooling resources to pay rent for struggling walk-in centers or purchase essential equipment. Together, we can help veterans regain their footing.

Unity in Diversity:

We acknowledge the wealth of knowledge among our members. It has long been said that a unified voice is necessary. We propose creating a veteran council, union, or association, devoid of ego, where we combine our resources and efforts for the veterans we pledged to support.


By working together, we can also shed light on more prominent charities that receive substantial government funding but may be less responsive. It's time for accountability, and together, we can make a difference.

Join Us:

We appreciate the fantastic work you all do individually. However, imagine the impact we could achieve collectively. We invite you to consider this offer seriously and extend your hand to join the association. We don't ask you to relinquish what you've built but to work together for a more significant impact.

Let's do something outstanding together!

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