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NHS GP Veteran Codes

Breaking information regarding NHS veteran code.


Families4veterans were recently made aware while helping a couple of veterans, that a lot of GP surgeries have or are upgrading to a new computer based system called  SNOMED CT.

This new system does not take letter codes, and requires a 9 digit code. This effectively renders the previous code 13jy as invalid.

The f4v team have endeavored to chase this up, and we have been in touch with the NHS regarding this. The outcome is a new generated code for the SNOMED system that veterans can add to their records recognizing their military service. Veterans need to ascertain if their personal GP surgery is using the new system. If so then the 9 digit code 302121005 should be added to their records.

SNOMED CT ConceptID 302121005


SNOMED CT DescriptionID 443668013

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