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Bereaved military family tell of there exprencce

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Now I want to talk about the day of inquest I feel I was on another planet I saw the soldier who was with my son when he was killed

he came in gave me a cuddle then ran he was spewing up with nerves I didn’t really think much of it at the time but it stopped me asking vital questions I didn’t wanna put the lads through it all again so when asked if we had any questions we said no

but after a year or so when you look back there was so many questions I wanted to ask

and now I can’t now I just live with my thoughts of the day he was killed the one thing that sticks in my mind is his point of cover he just keeps saying if only I had had my pistol

my mind wonders in that did he run out of amo what really took place that day

I am not stupid I know at Rome’s cover ups happen

but his men said it’s all above and correct so I can only live with my unanswered questions we have the map of the compound of that day and I still don’t get why he didn’t have two points covering him as he approached the door way while

one stopped there should have been another at other side but there wasn’t and I just don’t get that

am no soldier but his father was and even he was not convinced of the tactics of that day

I have it in my mind his captain fucked up and my son took charge from all I have herd but I can’t prove that

the inquest went in such a blur it’s hard on the parent to listen to some kind of things we had to listen

to my tears fell my heart broken at one point I had to leave the room I couldn’t cope with it

now I have the transcripts of that day but my heart won’t allow me to read it al again

then I revived the autopsy report inside was a letter telling me not to read alone but I had to know I needed to know what had happened to my child that day what damage had been done

the first thing I seen was a error right off said my son was not surcomesised when I know he was so that again worried me sick if he made such a mistake wheat raise had he made a mistake about

as you read on it’s heart reaching knowing what happens during it all it broke me in two I could’ve t cope I couldn’t stop crying I sobbed my soul out that day and have never been able read any of it since


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