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Windows 7 Gamer Edition 32-bit F


First of all, Windows 7 is a very stable, well designed and optimized operating system. Windows 8 is a major flaw in my opinion. It looked nice, but the interface was cluttered with too many unnecessary features that confused the user. I like the way Windows 7 addressed this issue by reducing the clutter of the interface and simplifying the interface for everyday tasks. It removed a lot of the features like start-stopping-minimize (replace), etc. which I just didn't need. Windows 8 made every task more complicated than it had to be, and the menu that popped up was confusing and usually avoided. The screen was made more difficult to use because of the design, thus i like the change back to the simpler and easier to use UI.

In fact, most of the games that I play are run in a play mode which does not require a high performance system. I was able to play Borderlands 2 and XCOM 2 at very low settings without any stuttering or lag, even on my ancient integrated graphics card. The reason I use an old card is because I cannot find a high-end card that will play Borderlands 2 with high settings and no tearing. If it did, I would use it. Unfortunately, I do not have the cash or space to upgrade. For the same reason, I use the integrated graphics card instead of the Windows Gamer edition.

The reason why Windows Gamer Edition is so good is because it is really easy to customize. You can make some changes to the registry as well as remove some registry components. It has a very cool looking interface and amazing graphics features.

The Windows Store is designed so that users install apps from the Windows Store. When users install apps, they are sometimes prompted to use the non-local apps store. For the uninstallable apps, only one app is allowed to be removed at one time. If you have created a shortcut in the Desktop or on the Windows Start Screen and installed multiple apps, we strongly recommend that you delete the shortcuts. For all those apps, you can see the following tips to help you uninstall them. 3d9ccd7d82


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