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SolidCast 7.2.2 RAR 77.00M


SolidCast 7.2.2 RAR 77.00M

the new fluid definition wizard in solidcast allows you to create fluid definitions that are dynamically linked to your solver models. this allows you to model any amount of fluid that flows in the mold at the same time. you can even model things like free solutions. this is an improvement over modeling free surface area in the solver which makes the system more realistic.

the free optical casting software solidcast, is a powerful and powerful software for automatic and semi-automatic casting simulation. users can easily design the mold, and then create the metalwork. the data from the simulation can then be exported to other 3d design software or automatically to other solidcast software (pfg user) for design optimization. solidcast is a windows software and is available as a ms-dos batch file, to simulate the formation of metalwork based on the simulation data.

one of the main benefits of solidcast is the ability to design molds and blanks and not just a solid casting. you do not need to have solidcast to analyze standard casting problems (thermal-mechanical calculation, shrinkage and macro-defects like seams, flash, and shrinkage cavities). it is vital to simulate casting problems on solid castability analysis before any casting.

with numerous variations of parameters, solidcast is able to help you accurately simulate the casting process. this free software allows you to design your own mold or use one of the over 700 libraries. you can then simulate and optimize the casting process to maximize castability and minimize the cost of casting. 3d9ccd7d82


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