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Prominy Vmetal Virtual Electric Guitar Download Torrent

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SC provides a complete and versatile environment to record and play real-time multi-effected guitar tracks. - 1 Sampled real guitar chords - 1 Sampled real bass guitar chords - 1 Sampled real drum chords - 1 Sampled real electric guitar chords - 1 Sampled real piano chords - 6 Sampled real other effects in total - 0.3 Sampled real unit noises in total - 0.3 Sampled real lost desk in total - Stereo from midi or wave file is supported - 4 Channel effects effects (X-LFO, SPMs, D-Drums, Stereo Lead+Reverb, Delay, EQ, and Chorus) - Stereo output from effect (Built-in Reverb & Delay) in playback mode - Built-in reverb and delay in playback mode - Realtime legato slide - Hammer-on & pull-off - Vibrato - Trill - Picking tremolo - Mute & picking noise - Gliss up - Gliss down - Natural harmonics - Unison bend - Double bend - Special FX - Feedback (with vibrato) - A variety of frequncies (such as fundamental,harmonics,overtones,etc.) - Bass is also included in separate plugins for different kinds of instruments. - Experimentally using 2,3,4 or more channels effects into 1 channel (such as using 2x delay for a drum track)

We started working on this product on Apr. 5, 2006 and continued and completed our work on Nov. 1, 2006. V-METAL is the ultimate software which provides real-time playing techniques and the guitarist can create various guitar tracks instantly and easily. It is the first product which can provide a wide variety of playing techniques that represent the guitarist's real guitar performance. In addition, we designed it so you can comfortably change various musical settings, effects, and parameters. You can edit them after downloading a V-METAL SPM library. 3d9ccd7d82


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