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the great land was under the control of nagash, and his armies marched to the northern lands. khemri would be his next conquest. the necromancer now sent his people to the the shore of ice where his armies sailed across the frozen sea of oblivion and into the lands of the ice elves. from there they marched into the small principality of cantact and took the ancient city of novigrad. [2a] the elves retreated into the mountains and fortified their defences. nagash continued south into the lands of the empire, his armies sweeping across the plains of nehekharan. and as they marched, their power increased. the undead soldiers had taken their weapons from the living, and they now wielded the mighty weapons that the necromancer himself had made. the necromancer's undead soldiers marched across the plains of nehekharan. the black pyramid of nagash dominated the horizon. the army of nagash now marched upon khemri. on the plains around khemri, the army of nagash had become so strong that its leaders could once again lead their armies. nagash was the leader of the army of nagash, and nagash was the general of the army of nagash. this was the army that would strike the final blow against the empire. [2a]

when the army of nagash reached the western wall of khemri, the gates were closed against them. nagash's armies swarmed over the walls of the city. the necromancer and the undead now controlled the golden isles. the necromancer was now in control of the lands of the empire, and he would strike at the heart of the empire. he would bring the seat of khemri under his control. [1a] 3d9ccd7d82


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