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and so i think that its not as though coal can last forever. its not as though chinas investment is going to return any sort of substantial return in the future. its not as though that if we continue to have a vibrant global economy, its in our long term interests to be sure that we have a healthy mix of energy sources that doesn't include coal. if we dont, we wont be in a position to consume and to build and to innovate, and to continue to grow. and so, in that sense, its in the long term interests of china, and hence, indirectly, in the long term interests of the rest of the world, to move away from coal.

now, as i said, i think its still very much in the context of this piece in terms of the developing world. china has made it clear in its statements to the un and to other forums that it is going to continue to provide a lot of these loans to build infrastructure and to help countries do these kinds of things. but its also clear that there are policy tools that china can use. the fact that it is building a whole sector of coal plants from scratch, from seed to harvest, i think is a very telling point, and i think it is telling because i think that theres so much more that we can do in the us, and in the developed world, to help the developing world move into the future more cleanly and less polluting.

for example, right now, some of the plants that chinas build overseas are going to be used to generate electricity to bring electricity into the developing economies of chad, sudan, ethiopia, the gambia, ghana, congo, and on and on and on.

and even the case of lng plants, there are coal fired plants in other countries that are going to be converted to lng, and there are other countries which have plans to either build or convert coal fired power plants to lng, and the hope is that this will also eventually help to open up markets and bring these countries into the sphere of influence of the chinese people. 3d9ccd7d82


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