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Adjustment Program Reset Impressora Epson TX130TX133TX135 Luzes Piscandorar


hi tychej. sorry for the late reply, i'm still in the middle of a project. i also wish i didn't have an xp laptop in the garage still but it works better than my daughter's windows 8 pc at the moment.. it's in a cupboard. i've been remapping the wms registers so that the printer would print from cartridges that would work with the downgrade firmware though it did require an epson-inkjet-data.txt file to be created. i basically needed to adjust registers 01-07 for the printing portion of the code, as well as some of the 806 and 901 registers.

hi mark. are you still getting any information that the firmware in those printers is so different from the stock epson drivers that a simple software fix won't work it appears that those firmware is so different that you'd need to search for a different model.. and most likely from a different manufacture. the epson i have (xp-415) is a fairly new model, dating back to 2013. it has a sub-model 38. i have yet to find a web site for those international models. i'd even be willing to buy it if i knew where to find a store who had them in stock. then i'm afraid i'd need to pay freight or some really nasty price. it does appear that you'd pay more than $20 to use the driver i posted here. almost all of those printers have been removed from the web sites that had them listed. the xp-415 version of this model, i believe, is a better model, although it also has some relatively minor design differences. it also has a sub-model 38. but the sub-model 38 is much less common.

hi mark. i love the simple methodology of this page and the attention to details.. i'm working on a scrap book for my daughter's first christmas and i'm trying to find a similar printable for creating cards with that are different from all the and the other christmas printables that are all more or less the same as each other. i spent about an hour or two today researching this printer since i have a few of those models. you're website was a huge help. 3d9ccd7d82


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