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Evening and sorry for lack of posts recently but we are working on a few things at the minute that we can hopefully hit the ground running with once the new year hits.

It's with all your help that we can achieve this and turn it into a community to be proud of.

One of the roles which has been taken on by Cath is to come up with a monthly newsletter which will be sent out via email, so if you've not subscribed yet then please do so you get to see the news first. She will also be starting up a new blog post and can't wait to read it, thanks Cath.

In the mean time for those of you that read this, could we please ask all of you to send out invites to all your family and friends so that we can make a start on the changes needed.

Have a safe week all speak soon


Sandra Peters
Jeff Geoghegan
Dave Derbyshire
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