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Updates on Support for Soldiers A-Z

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IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT WE DO, HERE IT IS It's all about working together, no egos involved, no restrictions of what and how many times you share to groups. We have setup a neutral platform away from facebook and 100% built for the Veteran and armed forces community. The more we can all get involved the better and quicker we can help each other. It's basically a Veterans Facebook. The main part is the Directory which is fully interactive and has a comment box on every page, all the links (Buttons) all go directly back to your own website or fb page/group, anything can be changed from any comments left on there (good or bad) these are all approved by one of the admin team just the same as an admin team on facebook would. We also have a free app that comes with the website, this can be used as quick reference and there is the options of joining groups just like fb or even set up your own group and that way you are your own admin when running it. That's the basics of what we have set up, the easiest way is just go on there and play around, theres over 180 pages of help and resources and we have only set up the foundations for the UK. There are plans set up and ready to go for the USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA these would all be under one roof and one working network. This is why we need Team Leaders to take up the role and help us connect each County together. We can answer any questions you have, good or bad

Stephen Ratcliffe (Ratty)
Unknown member
Oct 02, 2020

Absolutely! It's all about the cause!



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