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Step by Step guide to use our map

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I've aimed this at a complete beginner so bear with please.

First off well done in getting this far the rest is now easy and the more you spend looking at what's available in here the easier you will find where to help other veterans and the community.

So step 1 is to exit from the Blog page which you are now on and go to the HOME PAGE which you can find at the very top in the MENU Bar.

Scroll down untill you see the MAP and click on the button.


Once in the Map type your postcode or charity address in the search box. As an example I've used my local veterans breakfast club. Once you have found the address it will take you to the location and a small pin will be there, you can add this to the map and edit all the details using the little icons.

When you edit the details make sure you add either your full name or just your first name but the main thing is you write which group you represent. These will all be colour coordinated with an icon to represent your own group. This will help admins find the nearest help should a veteran cry for help and can all be turned on or off in the legend to make each group easier to find.

Should you still have any problems then dont hesitate to get in touch and we can add the details you want made visible for you.

Should you want to share this please use the social media links provided.

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